You are Gorf the Ghost. It's Halloween but everyone is too scared to trick or treat because of an evil skeleton in the graveyard. Explore the town, help your friends, and save Halloween!

This is my first completed game and it's about 15-30 minutes in length.

Web version keyboard controls:
A - Z
B - X
Arrow keys to move

Tips: The tutorial is on the sign outside Gorf's house. START shows your objectives and SELECT shows the map.

Created in GBStudio by Chris Collins
All pixel art assets created by Chris Collins
Music by:
- krümel
- DeerTears
- Tomas Danko

Release date Oct 22, 2021
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
Made withGB Studio, Aseprite, Tiled
TagsCasual, Cute, Game Boy, gbstudio, Halloween, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Spooky, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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i love it, really fun!
find a minor bug, u can re enter in the punking house an the item reapears, it doesnt afect in anything i think :P

It's such a great little game for Halloween!

Short and sweet! Happy Halloween!

Fun little quickie! Here's my very quick review!


omg this was great lol! thanks so much for taking the time to play and review. loved the edit.

Thanks, pal! Glad you enjoyed the video!

Any hopes of including a .pocket file with the download for Analogue Pocket users? This looks like a neat game!
As for why .pocket, cuz currently the openFPGA cores don't support display options to replicate original displays (It has yet to be added into the OS)

Final version?

I have not had time to expand on this idea, Though every now and then I have been working on artwork for a new zelda-like gameboy game I would like to make hopefully this year. No promises but I definitely would like to make another game.

very nice!)

it looks really good! :)

My full playthrough on this game:

Thanks for playing!

You're welcome.

The colors and the sptites are top notch! Great style!

Thank you so much! I'm loving the Gameboy limitations!

Cool game! Unfortunately, it has the game boy aspect of me getting terribly lost and not knowing where I am. It would sure be nice if there was an indicator on the map that showed where you were at any time.

Cool!! I like his game!

This game was pretty fun. A few flaws it had was its short gameplay. I wished there was more to this. Also the boss was difficult. I think it would've been easier if it automatically aimed up at the boss. Either way its a really fun game.

This was an amazing game to get you in the Halloween spirit. I love the Game Boy style graphics. Keep up the good work! 

I really love the retro vibe of it, I think it's perfectly captured an old gameboy color kind of game. I would say the only things I'd add or change would be a health bar for the skeleton and I didn't notice if I appeared on the map or not, but that'd be nice too.

I'm glad you liked it! Your playthrough was hilarious, man! Thanks for the feedback!

lol well i'm glad you enjoyed the video! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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Nice game! The cool sprites and the nice color choices really set the atmosphere!

But I'm sorry to see you are using the stock GBS UI frame for the txt box.. I hope you are planing to make your own in the future, as well as creating your own font!


That will definitely be something I do on my next project. I plan to make the music too! Thanks for playing!

I really liked it. I loved the art and the whole fun little story. It was very whacky in a fun way. The only thing is some of the controls were off.

Glad you liked it! Cheers!

I just loved this game! It was a lot of fun and I really liked the cute graphics, happy music and funny dialog. This game just brought a big smile on my face :) I really hope to be able to witness more of Gorfs adventures in the future!

I adore this game! Really inspires me to make games again tbh

I'm so glad! :) Thanks for checking it out!

Was really fun, the map could be better but overral a good experience, except for the fact the only kind of candy I received was candy corn. >;(

Very adorable, it says that it's only chapter 1, will each chapter come each year?

Anyways. It's very adorable and I love the way it's portrayed, I think that it should have a way to see where you are on the map. Also when you add Chapter 2, add a save system. It would be great for YouTubers to record.

Thank you so much! Yeah I hope to add a more dynamic map on my next project. I should probably mention in the tutorial sign that there is in fact a save system. It auto-saves every time you pick up an item, so if you boot it back up and choose 'continue' it will pickup at those auto-save points. :)

And I do think Gorf will probably make a return for chapter 2 someday...

So cute!!! I love the concept :)

Thank you so much, it means a lot!

This game is so cute. The art and music are amazing. Love the cute story and concept. A must play for sure. More DashRando games now! I am addicted. 

Nikki!! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! There's gonna be a Nikki cameo in the next game for sure <3

I love the pixel art, backgrounds and sprites are great. I would just say I’m getting a little lost in the scrolling backgrounds but not too much! I need to give this a bit more play.

Glad you like it! There's a map if you hit select, but it doesn't show your current location. I'm hoping to make a more dynamic map in my next game. Thank you for playing!

Playing 10 Horror Games on

Loved your playthrough! Thanks for playing!

I love this game!  I've been stressed and when I say stressed I mean to breaking point.  Everytime I play Gorf the ghost saves Halloween, I just feel a rush of relief and that everything is gonna be alright.  Long way of me saying that this game helps my mental health and helps me too not stress. 

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I appreciate you, Rod!! Thank you for your kind words!
Glad you can find some chill in this game!

I loved it! Thank you for sharing. I hope to see more from you.

Thank you, D! Appreciate your support!!!

Fun game! My biggest complaint is that you can't attack the wise man to get him to shoot fireballs at you.

Lol that would be a good easter egg. Thanks for trying the game!

I finished chapter 1, and the game is amazing! is very cute!

Thanks for playing! Glad you like it!

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Thank you!!